Where Does the Law Come into the Production of Museum Exhibitions and Gallery Shows?

Speaker: Ann Garfinkle

What does it take legally to produce a museum exhibition or gallery show? Ann Garfinkle will speak about the legal issues that arise from the time a gallery or museum agree to mount a show to the time the art is returned to its lender. She will let us into the world of the legal issues necessary to borrow art; those that may arise while the art is being exhibited; the various terms of sale and the return of the art, and their conservation. She will also speak about where the law impacts the relationship between artists and commercial galleries and artists and museums.

Ann Garfinkle is an art lawyer who has represented many artists and artists’ estates including the Estate of Morris Louis. She is an expert in the hybrid world of artists and collectors. She helps them navigate the complicated arena of contracts, intellectual property (copyright), wills, trusts and probate, and business law. Ann was admitted to practice law in New York in 1968 and Washington, DC in 1973. She had a varied career from representing people charged with serious criminal charges to large real estate transactions before devoting herself to art law. She specializes in all aspects of the “art business,” particularly in the visual arts.

Ann has taught Art Law at George Mason University and George Washington University Law School and for the District of Columbia Bar Association. She currently maintains a private law practice.

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